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The main goal for most of you is to get a job after college. My goal is to take everything you have learned so far in your broadcast or convergence classes and put it to professional use at KOMU or KBIA. In the end, those skills should help guide you into your next job.

This class is a capstone course. You can take it as a capstone and work on a research project. You can also take this class as an elective with a project component.

Students in this class have contributed work in collaborative efforts with newsrooms and projects including:


Don't feel intimidated, get excited. We are going to use this class to change the face of how we learn advanced Internet applications as journalists. We are going to think on high levels and realistic levels. In the end, we're going to figure out how you are going to get a job doing what you want to do as journalists, hopefully involving non-traditional web delivery.

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