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Grading Schedule

Blogging: 10%
            Throughout the course of the class, you will be expected to blog 15 times... A blog post a week  You do not have to blog about this class or about journalism school. You want to post as a professional or about a topic that you find important. This is also a great way for you to develop and enhance your presence on the web. When you post a blog, you want to think of your audience as peers in the journalism world (or whatever niche you want to write about) along with potential future employers and co-workers.

News from the 'Net: 10%
            You will have one week assigned to present News from the 'Net in class or online during the semester.  Turn in an outline of your presentation via email to Jen to help document the information you gathered. Be prepared to present some of the most recent developments in technology and online journalism. (You can find many links in the presentations page)

Projects: 30%
Project #1 - Your ePortfolio, first version due March 1, final by May 15
Project #2 - Flash Project - Due March22 [Extra credit if you can use with a story you're working on]
Project #3 - Media Giraffe - Due April 26

View Details on the Media Giraffe Project

Anything that is turned in late is docked 5 points a day unless there is a very good reason.

Newsroom Performance: 20%
            You will be required to edit daily stories during weekly shifts at You will also team with advanced reporters advanced stories as an editor or reporter on a weekly or extended period of time.

(These are deadlines, feel free to complete these assignments at a quicker pace if you want)

Your weekly work will also be reviewed by newsroom faculty and staff.

Research Project/Capstone Project: 30%
            This project is defined at the beginning of this syllabus.  You will need to present on or during the week of May 3. (or on May 13/14)
The research presentation must be presented to KOMU newsroom managers or any other person or people affected by the project.

Masters Students:
            You will quickly learn how fast the technology world is changing.  Help start an annotated bibliography of books and articles focused the effect of new technology on journalism.  Remember, annotations are descriptive and critical to expose the author's point of view, clarity and authority.  Use this exercise to help you understand how you can use new technology in a journalism career.


            Conduct research with working professionals in the online journalism industry to learn newsroom workflow and communication processes. You need to create a case study about three newsrooms and how they deliver the news to news consumers in non-traditional ways. (That means you can work on case studies with any type of newsroom as long as it has a heavy focus on web, social media and/or mobile-first news delivery)
                                            Due May 14.
If you do not complete this assignment, you will not pass the course.

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