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Course Description

The purpose of this three-hour capstone/elective course is to learn advanced techniques for reporting, producing and managing online news and information as a successful addition to a local broadcast newsroom.

Students in Advanced Internet Applications for Radio-TV News will create and package content for or as well as research and analyze how best to use the web site to extend the reach and value of our news operation and the station’s other assets.

You’ll examine the web efforts of other commercial broadcasters and critique them in terms of eye-appeal, content and support for the station’s mission and strategy. You’ll also build upon the computer-aided graphic design, digital audio and video production skills incorporated in Broadcast News II and Convergence Editing classes.

While you’re learning these online skills, we’ll also discuss some of the ethical, professional, legal and financial issues arising from current developments involving online and broadcast media.

Outside of the standard shifts: Half of a newsroom shift will give you an opportunity to be the editor of daily content.

The other half of a newsroom shift each week is spent working on:

• Project work
• Flash-training
• Media Giraffe interview project (not during summer session)
• E-Portfolio work

*Work does not have to be based solely at KOMU or KBIA. Shifts can vary between the two newsrooms. Individual plans can be arranged between Jen Reeves and Janet Saidi.

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