Social Media Clubhouse – Invigorating Journalism Education

I just wrapped up a fun 20 minute conversation with Joy Mayer and Jeremy Littau at the Social Media Clubhouse just a few blocks away from the SXSW conference. We wanted to share our top three ways social media can invigorate journalism education.

Jeremy talked about how he is introducing the concept of a “classroom without walls.” Joy talked about how journalists should think about reaching her or her audience depending on the story they are working on and where those communities are talking. I talked about how important it is to build an online brand so when you have published work in any form, the information consumers can find out that you’re for real. 

Case in point: Joy talked about a student who completed a fantastic project about interactive museums. It was so good Joy wanted to blog about it. So when she asked the student where she should link when the student’s name showed up on her blog, the student didn’t have any social link that showed her knowledge base. Her blog was unused, her Twitter stream was dry… so it was tough to connect her amazing work to something that shows she’s legit.

I wanted to share a quick summary just in case someone wanted to chat some more here or on @jenleereeves, @mayerjoy and @jeremylittau.


  1. Mark

    Jen– you were talking about “building your brand” of sorts… and how to get higher placement(like a blog or twitter stream) on a Google Search. How do you suggest doing that– is it simply blogging or Tweeting more, or making sure my blogs and Twitter page are SEO-optimized.

    I fight with getting my name higher on Google searches because (believe it or not) there are some other “Mark Welsh” guys out there. I want to start beefing up my portfolio online, and want it to be one of the first few things that pops up when you Google my name, because right now it’s a photographer with my same name.

    How/where do I start?

    Thanks! Great job @jenleereeves @mayerjoy and @jeremylittau

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