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(I just posted this to my class site… and thought I’d share here as well)
I try to stay up to date on a lot of things at the same time. Often when I stumble onto something that may be really useful, I don’t have enough time to really dig in and read it. So I use a couple of ways to save information that I find interesting.

First, if I am reading a Website that I think has good content, I save a link to Delicious. This is a site that helps you save links and add searchable tags. My full Delicious page is:
If you are curious about what I’ve read and saved about Twitter, you can go to
I have tagged things under dozens and dozens of different tags.

I also have a quick saving process in Twitter. If I see something I’d like to go back and read again later, I often favorite items. You can check out my favorites (mind you, I favorite things beyond journalism – I also tend to favorite mommy-related topics):

There are all kinds of other ways to share… How do you like to share links and conversations?


  1. I totally use Twitter favorites as bookmarks. I’m late to Delicious but I’ve started saving stuff there as well.

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