I have an idea… Foursquare Day

Yeah. I love this stuff and as I’ve said before, I want to find more ways to bring the social media users in my community to meet face-t0-face more often. So I stumbled into Foursquare Day. It’s a celebration of the location-based tool and since the square of 4 is 16, why not hold Foursquare Day on 4/16? So I’m poking around on Twitter to see if the Foursquare users in my community want to play.

They might! Our last minute goal is to try and earn a swarm badge. That’s what happens when 50 or more people check into the same location on Foursquare.

So… We’re going to give Foursquare Day a try here in Columbia, Missouri and see if we can get enough people out to try a swarm. If we don’t have enough Foursquare users, we’ll teach enough people to attempt the swarm. If we don’t get it Friday, we’ll try it another time!

UPDATE: We set it up. A local wine store is hosting an attempt at a 50-person Foursquare swarm. At the same time, a local bar is offering discounts on some food. Pretty cool in my opinion. I even set up an event Twitter account:


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  3. willettjf

    Good luck on rallying 50 people! I wish I could be here, but I’ll be at Busch Stadium trying to whip up a swarm at the Cardinals/Mets game.

  4. Good for you! Rally the troops!

    And remember, even if you don’t swarm, to are still reaching out and talking about social media and that is the point!!

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