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A new look… And a goal

I think I’ve settled on a new look for this website. I hope to merge some of the content I work on into one site. I’m not sure if this is the template I’ll stick with, but I think I’ll stay with this look for at least a few months.

While I haven’t had a lot of time to blog, I’ve started on dozens of blog posts and haven’t completed them. I hope to go back to all of them, add finalized content and post them – back dated so it isn’t too confusing. I have posts talking about the Beyond Broadcast conference I attended this past summer (I know, I am a terrible blogger for not posting sooner), my thoughts about Twitter lists, comments about my Reynolds Journalism Institute fellowship (which ended in May – once again, what the heck was I thinking?) and a number of other posts.

This fall I have found myself focused on three things: my students, my children and my health. I started running this past January and found that I’ve allowed healthy living trump my drive to blog. Terrible I know.

In the meantime, I find myself thinking about blog posts while I run. I should add a recording device to my iPod running playlist so I can just spew ideas and post them to this blog. My students have gotten many more ideas and thoughts than this blog. I will try to transfer some of our “aha!” moments to this site during Mizzou’s intersession (which starts December 21).

I appreciate your patience – while I try to rework blogging back into my work life!

We interrupt this holiday…

To take a moment and visit this blog.

I spend so much time helping my students build up their sites, I realize it’s time to do more with mine. So for a while this site might be a bit under construction. I’m planning to merge my blog with my portfolio, twitter, flickr and other accounts and see if I can make something out of this page.

Thanks for your patience!

Promote promote promote!!

In the time where I haven’t blogged here, I’ve been working a lot in the newsroom. And I have spent a lot of attention trying to hone a fan page for the newsroom where I work. It’s all about promotion… and it got a little easier to promote these days. Today there was a really interesting addition to Facebook. Anyone is able to create a fan badge. Check it out:

To me this is a big deal because it makes it MUCH easier to show and share a fan page. I tweeted earlier today saying I think this is Facebook sharing a little bit of Ning.

Lessons learned

In the aftermath of our Homecoming real world event, I realized the two students who had a chance to pitch in and live blog the event really learned a lot. They not only used a new technology tool (Cover It Live), they also had a chance to listen in and really engage in the live event.

So I’m trying it again. I’m giving two of my students who are graduating in December, Blair Miller and Brooke Hasch, a chance to live blog our class today. Students interviewed potential Media Giraffes for a site that keeps up with innovative minds in the media.