You want creativity? Here you go!

Okay — I am searching for the best ways I can help my students find journalism jobs in this challenging economy. And one of my former students, Ted Arthur, is still looking and has put together one of the more creative ways to show off his portfolio. I highly recommend watching this… But it works even better if you watch it on his website.

SUPER creative. I’m so proud of Ted and I would hate to watch him leave the industry before he gets to jump in and use his talents to the fullest!! Please share his link! Contact him if you’re interested. Contact me if you want to know more. Do you know of a journalist looking for a job? How are they trying to get the word out creatively? Let’s all work together and help these folks find a great opportunity!


  1. Yeah. That kid needs a job. The only journalists I know live here, but I’ll spread Ted’s gospel.

  2. That’s cool that he did that, but sorry — it’s not that creative. I’ve seen it done before, and it’s actually really easy to do with the preformatted video transitions in Final Cut Pro.

    All he did was film himself grabbing into the air, then adjust the speed of the video transitions that brought in and took out the video and text clips until it matched the speed of his hands.

  3. I realize we’re not talking ground breaking here!! But traditional broadcast journalists don’t always go out of there way to show off skills. Ted is thinking, he’s mixing things up. I want him to work! It’s that simple.

  4. Thanks, Jen! By the way, the video file created on Final Cut Express was not done using preformatted transitions. I synchroed and reset each video movement to match my hand movements. I wish people would understand that I’ve tried everything (in the traditional sense) to get a job. These extra videos like this one is me trying to do anything extra – thinking outside of just packages. I have no access to a newsroom and I’m not getting paid to do these pieces, but I continue to go out and cover stories that are happening in my hometown. I have just a simple camera. It’s all on my website. It is all for the love of the industry.

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