My attempt at helping journos learn Twitter

I held a brown bag session this afternoon over lunch to show how I use Twitter and why I think journalists should take a look at it as a new news source. It isn’t the end all be all answer to all of our challenges, but I do think it’s a change in how we gather and share news and information.

I loaded up the first half of the presentation… The second half included questions and answers and a little bit of show and tell. If you have questions or need some show and tell, leave a comment here and I’ll see if I can help get you started.

Here are the slides I used during the presentation just in case you’re curious. I ran through a few pretty quickly to get to the second half of the presentation.

All of my follow up notes to this presentation are a permanent link to the right of the blog called “Twitter Tips.” Please feel free to leave comments here if there are additional details that were missed.

UPDATE: You can go here to watch part 2 of the webcast.


  1. JuAn Kang

    It was a great follow-up of the seminar a couple of months ago. Do you remember you talked to visiting scholars of J-school concerning new media? I asked you, “among many new medias, what would you say the most promising one?” Then you said, “twitter”. So I
    joined the twitter but I’m still a novice. I hope to be a good twitterer before I go back to my news room in South Korea. Thanks for your insightful lectures.

  2. It’s wonderful to see you here on my blog. Good luck and I hope you have great success in your newsroom!

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