A great week

I spent most of the past week taking part in the RTNDA and NAB conferences. It is always interesting to see where people think the journalism and broadcasting industry is going. There was a lot of talk about how the traditional journalist is his or her way out. Obviously I believe that – I struggle to try and incorporate my thoughts on information gathering to as many beginning journalists in our program. I really think a person who has the main goal of presenting something online with a side skill of presenting information on a more traditional media outlet has many, many opportunities. Three years ago, I had news directors begging for good newscast producers. This year I had news directors begging for good newscast producers AND also good website editors and multi-media creators. Last year I was depressed to see most of my amazing web-based students take traditional jobs because no one knew what to do with them. This year there are jobs and there are newsrooms that understand the kind of potential I am helping create.

It’s a very good feeling.

 The best moment was when I found out one of the students I had last year who couldn’t get hired is suddenly working on the web for one  of the best newsrooms in the country. The broadcast industry is catching on! Hooray!

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